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If you're looking for a kick - ass hard-rock band ... look no further. Dead By Papercut (in short DBP) is exactly what you're looking for. We're situated near the Belgian city of Mechelen. DBP brings a blend of punk, hard rock and heavy metal. Our inspirations include, but are not limited to: Metallica, Black Sabath, Green Day, Guns n' Roses, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Channel Zero (also known as the biggest Belgian Metal band on the planet). Our main goal is to have fun while aiming as high as we can. We have our very own studio, build mainly by Nick & Thomas, which we like to call the cut-house. Our discography exists out of our debut - album titled 'The Devil Is A Joke'. Be sure to check us out whenever you can !!!

Marinus is, being born in 1993 and all, the green horn of the band. Although he grew up listening to rock classics like 'Born to be Wild', 'It's My Life' and 'I was Made for Loving you', he wasn't bitten by the Metal virus until the age of 15. He first came in contact with the shredding music genre while playing the game Guitar Hero 3. Soon after he would learn to appreciate the (not so) fine tones off bands like 'Metallica', 'Disturbed', 'Slayer' and 'Dragonforce'. At the age of 16, he told his friends he needed a hobby. They all agreed that playing guitar would be the best option but, Marinus decided to start playing bass with the sole reason off 'Everybody and his mother plays guitar'.

Nick, the oldest but most active member of the band, was born in 1980. His adventure starts at the age of 12 when he became influenced by his guitar-playing cousin to listen to rock music. Since his cousin already played guitar, Nick decided to play the drums. Sadly enough he only found out about his will to make music at the age of 16. So that's when he bought his first drum kit and started playing ... 4 years after buying it. With inspirations like 'Metallica' and 'Nirvana' however it wouldn't take too long before his playing ability would rise and rise. Nick musical interests span from grunge to rock, to punk and metal (as long as it isn't black or death metal).

Our very own frontman ... some call him Thomas, others call him 'Jeezus'. At the age of 14 'Jeezus', discovers 'Metallica' and metal in general. Together with his best friend he starts to learn how to play the guitar. At the age of 16 Thomas would play in a band called 'Leathal Goose', a Metallica cover-band. However this wasn't very succesful. After a few months the band disbanded and 'Jeezus' decides to start a new band called 'The Unemployed' which even got an offer for a record deal. But the lead guitar and the bass player stopped and the band disbanded. A few years later Thomas would meet Nick in a band called Dustface. From that moment on they've been playing together. They even formed Dead By Papercut together back in 2005. His favourite band is 'Judas Priest'.

Do you need a better reason then "sex, drugs n' rock n' roll" to start playing the guitar? No! Especially when you're born in the 80's, as is the case for Wouter. Luckily, Wouter's love for the instrument would grow rapidly. Especially when he found some guitar-players capable of inspiring him, namely: "John Petrucci", "Tom Morello" and "Matthias IA Ekhlund". Our, very capable, guitarplayer enjoys listening to "Dream Theater", "In Flames", "Devildriver", ... Naming all the bands he enjoys would be impossible, just know that he's very open-minded towards music, but he mostly enjoys the more progressive side of music, which is portrayed in his old bands "Sphere" and "Corpus". Both bands eventually had to split because of inner turmoil.

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